Introducing your Global local portal

Ffound.It is a portal system with the highest functionality (and speed) of any that we have seen. It provides full classification and location of all entries in addition to a standard top banner with all relevant links for each entry is our sister site. Growveg is supporting the pre-launch effort (via Twitter) to make FfoundIt the only truly-comprehensive portal for worldwide resources relevant to, not only horticulture, but other areas of interest to its members - cookery, wildlife, pets etc.

We invite you to submit details of any business / organisation / project / website, or even blog you'd like to see included. Ffound.It is flexible enough to accommodate them all.

Technically, only gives free entries to non-commercial bodies but we would prefer to have entries of all kinds at this stage ... consider that you can earn the entry by helping to start the ball rolling. Therefore, please retweet all you can! Please also follow

Registration is not required to use the site; however many additional features are available to logged-in users. To register, simply visit the home page and click on Login

You will be automatically registered the first time you use a login

You can also follow us on Twitter and/or on Facebook where we will post occasional updates

You can enter details for your company / organisation / project via the entry screen. We can accommodate businesses, associations, clubs, allotment sites, blogs and much more

If you enter your email address in the Owner field, you will be auto-registered and emailed with a system-generated password. This ensures you can edit your data at a future date. It is a sizable entry form but the main fields are the pink ones - help (hover text) is available on all fields.

Ffound.It reserves the right to re-categorise all entries so as to ensure a consistent approach.

Category columnta da
Location columnta da
Noticeboards / ConversationsEach combination of Category and Location (i.e. town) has its own 'noticeboard' where logged-in users can post information of their own. This is visible to anyone who comes along later to read that noticeboard. The general idea is to bring together like-minded people. Please recognise that it might take a long time to get any response - your Profile page will include a status of all noticeboards you've posted to
Is this just a company directory?No. It is a directory but not just a directory and not just for companies. Rather than just a passive listing, an individual entry on Ffound.It can be made highly functional - more functional than many expensive websites.
So, is it a Search Engine?No, can only supply results for data which has been entered. However, these results are much more focused (and useful) than the results from a conventional search engine thanks to our own classification and keyword techniques. For instance, try finding sports clubs in a given county who have Facebook® accounts
Is it a Social Network?No. The 'conversations' available at every level are intended to help all parties find other, like-minded parties
Do I need to edit my existing website?No (but when you see what can be done on, you may want to change things around)
I don't even have a websiteNo problem. In many cases you will find your directory entry sufficient but, should you need a full website we would be happy to provide a quotation. One very cost-effective solution is to provide a PDF to be used in conjunction with a high-function directory entry
Can I make changes myself?Yes, all content is directly editable using forms by person(s) authorised to do so. Initial classification of your entry will typically need to be done by Ffound.It staff to ensure you get maximum benefit
Is it free? is free to use, free to register, free to list for non-commercial entities. Commercial entries will remain free provided other forms of income (donations, advertising, franchising, etc) cover our costs. Of these, donations are preferred since we'd like to keep the advertising content to the bare minimum (what we really need is one or more far-sighted philanthropists who realise that the world is spending too much on search engines ).

Also free from catches - your registration details are all encrypted for security (yes, even your email address)